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A non-political, non-commercial organization of retired Naval Officers.

Navy League Officers Association
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The Navy League, a non-political, non-commercial organization, was established in 2001 as a forum for interaction of retired Naval Officers. Its purpose is to revive old contacts and associations amongst the community of former Naval officers and promote their welfare.

It will also support and strengthen the overall maritime interests of the country including its values and traditions. To the extent possible, it will participate in social and educational activities for bringing about betterment of the underprivileged.

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Patron in Chief Message
Admiral Amjad Khan Niazi, NI(M)

It is my profound privilege and honour to be the Patron-in Chief of the Navy League – an august body of individuals who have spent decades in Whites whilst serving the Nation

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President's Message
Cdre (R) Tajuddin Najmi SI(M)

President the Navy League message Conceived as an entity that would help officers of the Pakistan Navy and officers of the Pakistan Army and Pakistan Air Force who had served in the Navy retain their camaraderie after they retired from active service THE NAVY LEAGUE has matured into a vibrant non- commercial nonpolitical organization Its formal membership has grown to over three hundred since inception in 2001. With the establishment of the Lahore Chapter, THE NAVY LEAGUE is at the threshold of growing into a truly national and international platform that, in a modest manner, is promoting the welfare, social inter action and philanthropic activities of retired Pakistan Navy officers. We look forward to opening of more Navy League Chapters in different cities/regions of the country. We are also in contact with several colleagues in different countries at various locations on the globe whose love for their parent organization makes them desirous of retaining their friendships cultivated over a life time. We look forward to their Navy League Chapters coming into being soon. Read More

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